7 August 2018 @ 11:00 – 12:00pm AEST

Presenter: Steven Lewis, President, Access Consulting Ltd.

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The purpose of health care regulation is to protect the public. It is a many-headed beast whose constituent parts include professional self-regulation, accreditation, legally required standards, audits, inspections, discipline, and mandated remediation. Regulation has never been so sophisticated and extensive, and regulators think deeply about how best to carry out their mandates. Yet for all the effort and expense, innumerable studies reveal wide variations in practice and a high incidence of avoidable errors and harms. Regulation may be necessary but it seems hardly sufficient. This presentation will identify a number of contemporary health care challenges and pose the question of whether historical regulatory structures and practices need to change to make a greater contribution to quality improvement.


Steven Lewis is a Canadian health policy consultant and health services researcher newly arrived in Melbourne. Prior to resuming a full-time consultant practice in 1999 he headed a research granting agency and was the inaugural CEO of an applied health research organization in the province of Saskatchewan. He has served on numerous Canadian boards and commissions, and on the editorial boards of several journals. He writes frequently on topics such as health care utilization, equity, quality, and reform. He is an Adjunct Professor of Health Policy at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.