Research Australia's online magazine INSPIRE, is written by the sector for the sector; providing you and your teams with a vibrant informative and convenient resource about cutting edge Australian research and discovery into disease areas that impact our lives.

Sharing your challenges and successes with your colleagues across the whole health and medical research sector serves as an inspiration for future generations of ambitious researchers and the community who value health and wellness.

They are seeking ideas for articles to focus on the theme of frontier medical research: for example areas like precision medicine, machine learning, the human microbiome, gene and cell-based medicines, epigenetics, robotics or immunotherapy.

AHES is a member of Research Australia, and has an invitation to submit an article for INSPIRE magazine Issue 10. Articles are due by Friday 13th July 2018.

If you have some cutting edge research in these areas you would like to share via INSPIRED, please get in touch with us via email.