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Griffith University

Qualitative Methods for Health Economics

2-Day Workshop

Date: Wednesday and Thursday 3-4 April, 9:30 am -4:00 pm

Venue: Griffith University Nathan Campus,Bray Centre N54,Room 2.02

Cost: Non GU Students $200; Non GU Staff and Researchers $300

To attend the workshop, please contact Gemma Hynard at g.hynard@griffith.edu.au by the 22nd March.

Workshop abstract:

The purpose of qualitative research techniques in health economics is to ensure that healthcare policy and funding allocation is co-created by and responsive to the individuals whom they enact the greatest impact upon.The workshop will focus on integrating qualitative research techniques in the design of discrete choice experiments (DCEs) and other areas of health economics.

The expected outcomes of the workshop include:(i)improved attendee awareness of appropriate qualitative research techniques for use in DCEs and other areas of health economics;(ii)targeted design of qualitative research techniques in attendees current grant and project proposals;(iii)development of new research collaborative partnerships between Griffith University and the University of Bristol,with the opportunity for high impact research publications and external funding opportunities.


Professor Coast is based at the Unversity of Bristol in the UK. This university is recognised for its research and academic excellence, regularly featuring among the top ranking institutions in global league tables.

Professor Coast's research interests lie in the theory underlying economic evaluation (including capability), developing broader measures of outcome for use in economic evaluation (including measures of capability, particularly the ICECAP suite of measures),health care decision making, the economics of antimicrobial resistance and the organisation of care, particularly end-0f-life care.

She currently holds a Wellcome Investigator Award to develop a life-course approach to measuring capability for economic evaluation of health and social care interventions. Professor Coast also has a methodological interest in the use of qualitative methods in health economics and is recognised as an international authority in this field;her edited book on Qualitative Methods for Health Economics was published in July 2017. She has published extensively in all of these areas.

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