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Health economics for policy, planning and service delivery is a five-day course that will introduce you to key economic concepts and evaluation methods for more informed and confident decision-making. You will learn how to apply these insights to protect, promote and restore health in populations and how to effectively plan, manage and deliver health services and policy.

Key program content
• Why we need economics – fundamental concepts • The special characteristics of health care • Health care markets and market failure • Economics of health care provision • Behavioural health economics: provider practice and patient adherence • Role and limitations of economic evaluation • Planning services, workforce and expenditures
Who should attend?
The course is designed to provide the skills necessary for planners, managers and providers to identify economic aspects of the challenges faced in their activities and apply economic tools alongside their existing skill sets in address those challenges.

Key outcomes:
After attending the course, you will be able to • understand the basic concepts of economics • apply these concepts to problems of health and health care at the level of both provider-patient and system-population. • engage with economists and health services researchers, health policy makers and planners in discussions about the economics of health and health care.
Course Bookings and contacts T: +61 (0) 7334 61975 E: cbeh@uq.edu.au W: cbeh.centre.uq.edu.au/courses

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