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15th-17th April 2019

Adina Vibe Darwin Waterfront, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

This workshop provides a forum for the development and dissemination of applications of econometrics and other quantitative approaches in health economics. The workshop will follow the format of the long-running European workshops on Econometrics and Health Economics.
The program consists of fourteen papers. Each paper is allocated one hour, which is made up of a presentation by the author, followed by a response from a nominated discussant and general discussion. Presentations by doctoral students and junior researchers are encouraged. The number of participants is limited to 40. Workshop participants will be expected to attend the whole of the meeting and play a role as either author, discussant or chair-person.

Anthony Scott, University of Melbourne
Michael Shields, Monash University

Registration and Submissions
Submission of long abstract (1000 words) or full draft of paper (not submitted to a journal) by Friday 25th January 2019
Registration of interest to be a discussant or chair by Friday 25th January 2019

Submission of Papers
Please submit a 1000 word (minimum) abstract or draft paper. If sending an abstract, it should include details of the aims, econometric methods, and results. Results should be presented even if they preliminary. Abstracts containing no results will be less likely to be accepted. Abstracts and papers will be judged primarily on the quality of their econometrics content. If sending a full paper, it should be unpublished and not submitted for publication in a peer reviewed journal at the time of the conference. Electronic submission of papers is required and can be uploaded on the registration page

$250 for PhD students

Adrienne Anastasi +61 3 9905 8405
CHE-Enquiries+61 3 9905 0733

To register please visit this website.

Centre for Health Economics, Monash University
Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research

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