Submissions for this year’s conference will be taken via the Conference Maker website. This will be our central website to handle submissions, acceptances, and the program.

To submit please go to the Conference Maker website and scroll to the '40thAnnual Australian Health Economics Society Conference' and click through the link or please use this link.


Creating an Account: Conference Maker has been used for submissions to some economics conferences before.

If you signed up for a previous conference using Conference Maker, you can LOGIN with your existing user ID and password. (If you have forgotten your previous password, click LOGIN and follow the prompts to retrieve it.)

If you don’t have an account please create a free account by clicking SIGN UP. Please follow the prompts to create an account.

Submitting an Abstract for a Presentation (including for Australian Health Economics Doctoral Workshop for PhD students)

  1. Select the option ‘Submit a Paper’ on the menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. On the Paper Submission Form enter the relevant information (e.g. Paper Title, Area (to select which conference theme your abstract best aligns with), Keywords, and Abstract. Please note it is not compulsory to submit a paper with your abstract at this stage, unless you are a student who would like to be considered for the Travel Scholarship. Please note it is not compulsory or expected you would submit your Slides at this stage.
  3. If you are a student and would like to be considered for the Travel Scholarship tick ‘yes’ on the relevant radio button. Please note if you wish to be considered for the scholarship, you must also upload a Letter of Support from your supervisor AND a copy of your full paper as one complete document in PDF format.
  4. Adding Co-Authors: If you have any co-authors for your paper, please tick ‘yes’ to the question ’Are there coauthors excluding you?’. Complete the other sections of the Paper Submission Form and hit the Submit button.
  5. On the next page ‘Enter/Modify Authors of Submission’, please click ‘Add New Author’. On the next page ‘Add New Author to Submission’, if the author already has an account in Conference Maker please either enter their User ID if known or if you are unsure then search for their account using any one of their Email Address, First Name or Last Name to search for the author.
  6. On the search result page, either Click on the relevant User ID to add as an author to your submission, or alternatively follow the links to either ‘re-try your search’ or make a new Conference Maker account for the person to add them as an author. To make an account for the Conference Maker you need to allocate a User ID (e.g. the first part of their email address), ensure ‘Status’ is set to Registered User, and enter First name, Last name, Email, Organization, and Country. Other fields can be left blank. Click ‘Create New User Account’ to create the account and add the Author to your submission.
  7. Continue to steps 3 to 5 to add all Co-Authors to your paper. When you are finished, submit your paper.
  8. Editing submissions:If you wish to view your current submissions and edit, add or modify authors, or delete a submission, you can do this from the Main Menu, on the left hand side by selecting the ‘My Submissions’. You will see a list of your active submission and you can follow the prompts to make any changes.

Submitting an Organised Session

There are two parts to submitting an Organised Session. Firstly the authors of the individual presentations within an organised session need to submit their abstracts using the ‘Submit a Paper’ option in the Main Menu and follow instructions outlined in ‘Submitting an Abstract for a Presentation’. When authors submit their individual sessions, try to take note of the Submission ID (which will be up the top of the page of a successful submission). Email this through to the Organiser of the Session - this will make it easier for the Organiser of the session to complete their part.

Once all the authors have submitted their abstracts, the Organiser of the Session can then log into the system, and pull the individual submitted papers together to make an organised session.

  1. All individual abstracts for the 3-4 presentations in an organised session should have been submitted by the authors via the ‘Submit a Paper’ function.
  2. The Session Organiser then selects from the Main Menu the ‘Submit a Session’ option. Follow the prompts on the next page.
  3. On the ‘Create New Session’ page, the session organiser can then enter the Title of the overall session, select the Session Area (to select which conference theme your session best aligns with). The session proposer should automatically be the User ID of the session organiser if they are logged into the system.
  4. Under Session Type select ‘Contributed’ and leave the Status as: Incomplete.
  5. Please note that discussants and chairs can be added for your session if this applies, but please note it is not compulsory to have a discussant or chair for your session.
  6. All other sections can be left blank at this stage. Click the SUBMIT button.
  7. On the next page ‘Summary of Invited Session Titled’ you can add papers to your submission using the ‘Edit/Add Papers/ Presenters/Discussants’ button.
  8. On the ‘Enter Papers/Discussants for Session’ please enter the ‘Paper ID’ (i.e. the ‘Submission ID’ the author of the individual paper received after submitting the paper). Please leave the other sections blank. Click ‘Update Speakers/Discussants’ button. The submitting author of the paper will automatically be added to the session via the Submission ID. No discussant for individual papers is required. Follow the prompts to change the order of the Presentations.
  9. Continue adding papers by adding the relevant Paper ID and clicking ‘Update Speakers/Discussants’ button.
  10. Once you have completed adding the papers to the organised sessions, you can review your session on the Main Menu under the heading ‘Sessions’ by clicking on ‘List My Sessions’. If you have any changes to make to your session, you can do this by clicking on the session and following the prompts to make any changes.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!