The Geneva Associations is pleased to announce a special April 2022 issue of 'The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice' on 'Emerging Health Risks and Insurance'.

We encourage you to submit contributions related to the following areas:
• Role of insurance in managing pandemic risks
• Insurance and the promise of digital health
• Financing and insuring environmental health risks
• Insurance, behavioural changes and the rise of non-communicable diseases
• Personalised medicine and insurance coverage
• Health insurance and population health management
• The importance of data in predicting and managing health risks
• Financial protection and mental health
• Role of risk securitisation in managing health risks
• Trends in emerging health risks and the implications for health insurance systems

Suggestions for other topics will be considered by the editors.

All contributions will go through a peer review process. The editors for this special issue are Christophe Courbage (Geneva School of Business Administration) and Luke Connelly (The University of Queensland; The University of Bologna). Papers should be submitted electronically via the website of The Geneva Papers ( by 19 April 2021 at the latest.

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For further information on this special issue, please contact Hannah Dean at