AHES is planning a submission to the MRFF consultations which will set the next set of MRFF Priorities. Funds allocated so far have not been specifically for health economics or health services research, even though these are crucial for research translation which is a big issue for MRFF.  The submission form has several specific questions:

  • Which 2016–2018 MRFF Priorities do you think need further focus?
  • How can the 2016–2018 MRFF Priorities you identified in Question 6 be extended or re-emphasised in the 2018–2020 MRFF Priorities?
  • What unaddressed gaps in knowledge, capacity and effort across the healthcare system and research pipeline need to be addressed in the 2018–2020 MRFF Priorities?
  • What specific priority or initiative can address the above gaps?
  • How can current research capacity, production and use within the health system be further strengthened through the MRFF? (max 500 words)
  • Do you have any additional comments on the Discussion Paper?


The consultation paper is here:



Please email me (a.scott@unimelb.edu.au) by cob Tuesday 28th August if you would like to contribute to the submission, or have any specific issues you would like AHES to include. I would also encourage you to make your own submissions that promote the importance of health economics.