6th MABEL Research and Policy Forum / MABEL Data Users Workshop

Medicine in Australia: Balancing Employment and Life (MABEL) is pleased to announce that the 6th MABEL Research and Policy Forum will be held at the University of Melbourne on Thursday 7th June 2018.

This year’s forum will focus on finding evidence-based solutions to some of the most challenging issues in medical workforce policy that affect the clinical care provided and access to care by the population. The forum will combine discussion of current and future policy issues with the latest research from MABEL.

In addition, a MABEL Data Users Workshop will be held on Wednesday 6th June 2018 (10am to 4pm).

The MABEL data users workshop is aimed at those wanting to know more about the MABEL data and those wanting to use and analyse MABEL data in their research. In the morning, participants will be provided with an overview of the MABEL data and MABEL survey. This will include information about survey content, sampling, data management and quality, response rates, and how best to access the data. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and find out whether their research questions can be answered using the data. In the afternoon, we will take you through an example of how to analyse MABEL data with hands on computer examples guided by our MABEL researchers. This will analyse some MABEL data using STATA. Some familiarity with data analysis is preferred but you do not need to have used STATA before. The workshop is free to attend.


Registration: Essential

6th MABEL Research and Policy Forum: $120.00 including GST (register here) (you will also have the option to register for the MABEL workshop)

MABEL Data Users Workshop ONLY: free (register here)


MABEL Research and Policy Forum: Level 2 Multifunction Room, the SPOT Building, 198 Berkeley Street, Carlton

MABEL Data Users Workshop: Computer Lab (3.010), the SPOT Building, 198 Berkeley Street, Carlton